Watch our New Animation!

James Hutton Limited Animation still

James Hutton Limited is delighted to premier a newly developed animation which will be used to highlight the services and support that we offer to a diverse range of industries, thanks to the science and research that comes out of the James Hutton Institute.  The animation was developed to offer a simple, wholistic understanding of the James Hutton Limited business and how science that comes from the James Hutton Institute is developed with real industry issues in mind.  

The animation work was carried out by Dundee based, Vivomotion, led by Dr Mhairi Towler.  Mhairi has a strong scientific background having spent several postdoctoral years’ work in varying fields including biology and human physiology, before becoming a scientific visualisation practitioner.

Plans to develop the animation further in the coming months include a voice over version and other language subtitles. 

You can watch HERE